Long-standing testimonies of a remarkable philharmonic movement, of artistic devotion and auspicious amateur musical practice, the Philharmonic Bands constitute a pre-eminent legacy in Madeiran musical culture. Heirs of the musical activity and the “symbolic” and “recreational” functions of “loud music”, of the charamelas and percussion suits that for at least three centuries animated the civic and religious festivities, and of the regimental bands that were headquartered and highlighted for the region in the nineteenth century, the philharmonic bands of community and corporate character Madeiran were formally constituted since the middle of that century, several of them maintained a continuous musical activity and played a seminal, gratuitous and profitable contribution to the artistic formation of its performers and associates. In the centuries-old musical institutions, many of the renowned regional musicians began their work with their teachers, conductors/maestros, directors, performers and associates and sympathizers, and many others who embarked on a career as an interpreter or educator in that artistic field and the most competent amateurs of music, which, year after year, still guarantee the apparatus of civic ceremonies and recreation of Madeiran society.

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RAM Bands

Chronology - Band Foundation

Banda Municipal do Funchal "Artistas Funchalenses"

Banda Distrital do Funchal "Os Guerrilhas"

Banda Municipal de Câmara de Lobos

Banda Municipal Paulense

Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol

Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz

Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava

Banda Filarmónica do Faial

Banda Municipal de Machico

Banda Recreio Camponês

Banda Municipal de Santana

Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço da Camacha

Banda Orquestral de Câmara de Lobos "Os Infantes"

Banda da Casa do Povo Nossa Senhora da Piedade

Banda Filarmónica da Casa do Povo de São Vicente

Associação Recreativa de Nossa Senhora de Fátima do Arco de São Jorge

Banda Filarmónica do Caniço e Eiras

Banda Filarmónica de Santo António

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