History – Banda Distrital do Funchal

On September 9, 1872, a group of 27 musicians1 dissidents from the Banda Municipal do Funchal, led by Mr. César José Coelho, founded the Banda Distrital do Funchal under the name of “Philarmonica Artístico Madeirense”. The first uniforms consisted of a blue coat, white trousers, and a straw hat.

On January 12, 1908, it was renamed “Real Philarmónica Artístico-Madeirense”, by diploma issued by King Carlos I.
The band, on October 23, 1922, was popularly known by the “Guerrillas Funchalenses” group. By decision of the Administrative Commission of the General Board of Funchal, of May 2, 1925, it was renamed the Banda Distrital do Funchal.

In October 1972, in celebration of the centenary, the President of the General Assembly of the collective, Dr. Jaime Vieira Santos praised the importance of the Music School founded by the band because, in his words, “it increased the development of art and formed musicians who occupied important positions in Madeira, continental and overseas orchestras and even in America. ”

Throughout its history, the Banda Distrital do Funchal has received several distinctions:
– Portuguese Red Cross medal, for dedication and philanthropy – Diploma of January 20, 1924.
– Silver Medal of Philanthropy and Charity of Relief to Castaways – Diploma of July 14, 1925.
– Praise of the Municipality of Funchal for philanthropic acts – Session of September 9, 1954.
– Honorary Member of the Order of Benemerência, by concession of his Excellency the President of the Republic, on December 14, 1972.
– Distinction conferred by the Regional Government of Madeira for its valuable contribution to popular culture in 1989.

The Banda Distrital do Funchal is composed of about 25 elements of the most diverse ages. Its main objective is to develop a taste for musical art, giving many young people the opportunity to participate in the cultural panorama of the region, taking popular art to the people.

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