Audio – Banda Filarmónica de Santo António

Registered by directors, teachers, performers, associates and sympathizers, the activity of the gangs has been safeguarded, in diverse species, by the governing bodies, in specific funds (or sub-funds). Such records, made on photographic, phonographic, videographic and multimedia supports, mirror and corroborate the artistic merit of those collectivities. Despite their scarcity in the early days of the founding of these communities, through them one can verify and recall the historical milestones that evidence the one hundred and seventy years of regional and national philharmonic movement.

Started in Portugal in the early years of the twentieth century, with the recording of the Navy Sailors Band by the London publisher The Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd. in 1903, audio records of the artistic practice of the national regimental and philharmonic bands are documents that allow us to gauge the musical taste in particular geographic areas and times of our century, highlighting the most appreciated repertoire and the competence of professional musicians and amateurs of Portuguese music. The remaining audio recordings of philharmonic bands, especially recorded in recent decades, are of great documentary richness, since they were and still are initiatives that corroborate the deep commitment of artistic directors, performers, associates and a vast community that, through their enthusiasm, deserves also the title of “philharmonic”, of amateur, of devotee of the musical art. Listen to some of the songs recorded by the Banda Filarmónica de Santo António.

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