Headquarters – Banda Filarmónica de Santo António

In the course of its recent existence, the Banda Filarmónica de Santo António took two spaces for social venues. From the date of its foundation to 2017, to the Banda Filarmónica de Santo António was assigned a room in the Centro Cívico de  Santo António, Caminho das Romeiras, nº 10-12, 9020-117 Funchal. Since that date, the Philharmonic Band has its headquarters in the old school of Lombo dos Aguiares, located on the Caminho do Lombo dos Aguiares, nº 73, 9020-095 Funchal. The new headquarters of the musical community includes, on the upper floor, a social hall with kitchen and bathhouses and, on the lower floor, the rehearsal room, two classrooms, a file room and an administration room.

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