Relevant Moments – Banda Filarmónica do Faial

Relevant Moments

The Filarmónica Recreio União Faialense, was founded on December 1, 1895, the one that today is the oldest musical formation of Santana, the Filarmónica do Faial. Its main founders were Joaquim Francisco de Freitas, João Xavier de Freitas, Júlio Teixeira Marques Barcelos and Dr. João Albino Rodrigues. (Músico Madeirenses, p. 487 e Xarabanda Revista, 2008, p. 12)

Contract with the Master Sergeant Della Nave
The Filarmónica de Recreio União Faialense, commonly known as the Filarmónica do Faial, celebrated a one-year apprenticeship agreement with conductor Sgt Della Nave. (Xarabanda Revista, 2008, p. 7)

Conductor João F. Mendonça
The band under the regency of mr. João F. Mendonça participated in the festivities of this parish. (Jornal da Madeira, 12/6/1924, p. 3)

Diamond Wedding
“On December 1st, the Banda União Recreio Faialense celebrates the 75th anniversary of its foundation, by Joaquim Francisco de Freitas.” (Jornal da Madeira, 11/29/1970, p. 12)

Change of denomination
The Filarmónica de Recreio União Faialense had this name until 1987, when it changed its name to the Banda Filarmónica do Faial. (Xarabanda Magazine, 2008, p. 12)

Interchange, Centenary Medal and CD
The band traveled to São Miguel Island, in the Azores in 1995, regarding the celebrations of the 100 years, and was commissioned a commemorative Medal and recorded a tape / CD of the Centenary Music Concert. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, p. 790)

Memorable participation
In 2001 this band brightened with their music the end of the cup of Portugal in the stadium of Jamor in Lisbon. (ónica)

He made a tour to Venezuela in 2001, working for the Madeiran community there. (ónica)

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