Statutes – Banda Filarmónica do Faial

Current statutes approved by the General Assembly in the year 1987

Article 1
The “Filarmónica do Faial”, will have headquarters in the site of the Church, Parish of Faial, county of Santana.

Artico 2º
The Philharmonic was about to promote auditions in the cultural field of music, special in the area of the county.

Artico 3º
Members may be current and former executors, or all those who request and declare that they re-spect the statutes and regulations and are as such admitted by the Board.

Artico 4º
The Philharmonic organs are: General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Fiscal Council, whose term is two years.

Artico 5º
The competence and manner of operation of the General Assembly shall be as prescribed in the applicable provisions of the Civil Code.

Single paragraph
The table of the General Assembly is composed of a President, a Vice-President and a Secretary.

Artico 6º
The Management, composed of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, is responsible for social, administrative and financial management, and must meet monthly.

Artico 7º
The Audit Committee, composed of three members, one of whom is the President, is responsible for supervising the administrative and financial acts of the Board, checking their records and re-ports and giving opinions on acts that increase or decrease revenues of the Philharmonic. meet once every quarter.

Artico 8º
The General Assembly shall be responsible for hearing appeals filed by the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council.

Artico 9º
The General Assembly is responsible for the exoneration and exclusion of associates.

Artico 10º
Insofar as these by-laws are silent, the internal regulations are regulated and approved and amend-ed by the General Assembly.

Artico 11º
The grantors – founders are constituted in provisional direction, competing for the admission of new members and the convening of the general assembly for election of social bodies, which should take place in the next three months.

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