Music school – Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava

Music school

The School of Music of the Municipal Harmony of Ribeira Brava conducts its formative activities in its headquarters, located in the Street of São Bento, a former nursery school, Wednesday and Friday, being the schedule from 17h to 21h. The musical and practical instrument training can be attended by students over 8 years old.
His faculty consists of:

Maurício Andrade teaches musical training courses and reeds (clarinet, saxophone and flute).
Miguel Camacho teaches musical and brass training courses (trumpet, trombone and euphonium).

The training school of the Municipal Harmony of Ribeira Brava, is based on musical education, essentially philharmonic, in order to provide performers for the respective harmony with the best possible artistic quality. The teaching is usually transmitted individually to obtain the best methods dedicated to each apprentice. The school provides the “first steps” in further learning about the musical reading (rhythm and melody) in addition to the performance techniques in the respective instruments, and for this reason is the key to successful execution in the world of harmonies.

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