Relevant Moments – Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava

Relevant Moments

The Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava, was founded in late 1874, principles of 1875, with the denomination of Filarmónica União Fraternal Ribeirabravense, being one of its first public performances in April of this year. (Músicos Madeirenses, p. 489 et Xarabanda Revista, 2008, p. 10)

Deed of the Society.
In 1877, the deed of the Filarmónica da Ribeira Brava was celebrated, and it was founded on the initiative of priest Francisco Manuel de Sousa (Músicos Madeirenses, p. 489 et Xarabanda Revista, 2008, p. 16)

Change of foundation date.
The direction of the Filarmónica da Ribeira Brava established the year 1889 as the year of its foundation and began to commemorate its anniversary on May 6, the same as that of the Ribeira Brava county. (Músicos Madeirenses, p. 489)

Master José Feliciano Cruz.
In 1904, in a reference that leads us to admit that, at this time, there were effectively two philharmonic, the Filarmónica União Fraternal Ribeirabravense, was directed by José Feliciano Cruz. (Músicos Madeirenses p. 490)

Name change.
On July 1, 1933, by a council deliberation was given the passage of the Filarmónica União Fraternal Ribeirabravense to Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava. (Músicos Madeirenses, p. 490) Under the chairmanship of Dr. Basto Machado, the administrative committee of Ribeira Brava Municipal Council conferred the title of Banda Municipal on the old “União Ribeirabravense” band of the regency of mr. João Joaquim de Faria. “It is truly to praise the gesture of that commission, who once again interpreted the unanimous desire of the Municipality and reward the tenacious and intelligent effort of an artist” (Diário de Notícias, 06/08/1933, p. 4)

Celebration of the Centenary.
With the impetus of the then presidency of Ribeira Brava City Hall, it was agreed to celebrate its centenary, and celebrate its anniversary together with that of the municipality, May 6, 1988. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João. E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, p. 785)

Conductor José António Nunes de Faria
José António Nunes de Faria, took over the artistic direction of the Banda Muncipal da Ribeira Brava in 1991. (Revista Girão, p. 63)

In 1998, they held an exchange with the “Filarmónica das Cortes”, in the district of Leiria. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João. E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, p. 785)

Interchange to São Miguel, Azores, in 2001. (Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava)

Exchange to Venezuela in the year 2010. (Banda Municipal da Ribeira Brava)

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