Music school – Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz

Music School

The “O Colcheia” music school conducts its formative activities in its head office, at the House of Culture located in Calle Bela de São José in Santa Cruz, from Tuesday to Friday from 18h to 21h and Saturday from 10h to 13h. The musical training and the practice of the instruments can be followed by the students of more than 6 years.

His faculty consists of:
José Carmo Cunha teaches solfege, saxophone, horn, tuba, euphonium and trombone subjects.
Cristina Nunes teaches music theory, clarinet, flute and percussion.
Marco Correia teaches trumpet, percussion and trombone subjects.

Harmony since its foundation, has always played an important role in the training of young people, be the main goal of training musicians, creating civic education environments, preventing young people from attending marginality environment, be his main mentor and founder Ângelo Alvares Freitas, illustrious musician of Madeira, of the end of century XIX and first half of century XX. With the modernization of the education system and in continuity with the main objective, there was a need to restructure and create a project adapted to the new realities, so in 2011 is implemented the concept of “O Colcheia”, being the idealization of a project of continuity of the school of music of the Municipal Harmony of Santa Cruz, founded in 1887. This project is aimed at all the population and aims to make known and teach music, people have the opportunity to learn to play a wind instrument or percussion, where he has specialized trainers.

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