Videos – Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz

Gradually the practice of recording the activity of the regional philharmonic bands was established. Directors, teachers, performers, associates and sympathizers have produced and collected various testimonies, finally deposited by the governing bodies, in specific funds (or sub-funds). However, even though the records of the foundation period and the first decades are few for most bands, these surviving testimonies demonstrate the artistic merit of the communities and their members, affirming themselves as testimonies of the historical milestones that mark the hundred and seventy years of regional and national philharmonic movement.

Thanks to the easy access to new technological equipment and the profuse creation of information and communication channels, amateur video recording of philharmonic bands has grown massively and has gradually become an important tool for local, national and international dissemination of the activity of those institutions cultural activities. In addition, the manifest interest of public and private television stations by the national philharmonic movement has also made possible the constitution of a remarkable and growing repository of documentary records of relevant importance. We invite you to watch some of the most remarkable video recordings of Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz.

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