Music school – Banda Municipal de Santana

Music school

Musical, introductory and musical training courses and group lessons at the Banda Municipal School of Music in Santana, for children over 7, take place at its head office on Saturdays from 14:00 to 19:00. .

His team of trainers is composed by:
Music teacher Duarte Silva music theory, trombone, horn and percussion.
Filipe Gouveia teacher of musical training, music theory.
Bruno Gouveia professor of solfeggio, euphonium, tuba and flute.
Raquel Abreu professor of music theory and clarinet.
Isabel Caires professor of music theory, clarinet and flute.
Adriano Silva professor of music theory, euphonium and tuba.
Tânia Spínola professor of music theory and clarinet.
Marta Figueira clarinet teacher.
Othman Figueira saxophone teacher.
Tatiana Fernandes trumpet teacher.

During the school year runs on Saturdays from 14h to 19h, already during the school holidays there are classes three times a week. School and free instruments.
There is no age limit, but we advise that the student already knows how to read / write.
We are looking for students to have contact with the instrument from the beginning, and with a specialized teacher.
In order to encourage them, Juvenile Harmony was created.
To encourage them, the Youth Band was created.

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