Relevant Moments – Banda Municipal de Santana

Relevant Moments

First News.
First Sunday of July of 1925, there was a meeting at the Men’s School of the Cerrado, in order to take the first step towards the foundation of the Band. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, Ancorensis, 2011, p. 791)

Founded by Crisóstomo Teixeira do Livramento, a primary school teacher, a philharmonic band called Fanfarra Recreio Santanense, April 4, 1926, which later came to assume the name of Banda Municipal de Santana. (Músicos Madeirenses p. 487 et Xarabanda Revista 2008 p. 12)

Master Manuel Augusto Figueiredo.
João Gabriel Teixeira Mendonça, assumed the presidency and contacted Manuel Augusto Figueiredo, musician of Artistas Funchalenses, to be conductor of this band. It remained between January of 1930 until 1938 to direct the band. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, Ancorensis, 2011, p. 791)

Band Competition.
On November 22, 1931, he was ranked 1st in a band contest. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, Ancorensis, 2011, p. 791)

Name Change.
In late May, early June 1932, the awarding of the Banda Municipal de Santana title. (Músicos Madeirenses p. 488)

Master João Auto Mendes.
The Banda Municipal de Santana, accompanied by his direction, mr. Dr. João Auto Mendes, and some of the people in that parish, will go tomorrow, May 2, in a courtesy visit to the municipality of São Vicente, giving a concert at Boaventura from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; in São Vicente, from 11 to 14, and in Ponta Delgada from 4 to 6 pm. (Diário de Notícias, 01/05/1954, p. 1)

Master Tomás
On the 29th of this year, the patron saint of Sant’Ana is celebrated in this parish. The Banda Municipal de Santana under the regency of mr. Thomas, his new chief, will brighten the camp. (Diário de Notícias, 07/26/1962, p. 3)

Inauguration of Headquarters.
Inauguration of its new headquarters, by the President of the Regional Government, Dr. Alberto João Jardim, on September 11, 2000. (

Institution of Public Utility.
On November 4, 2000, it was awarded the title of Public Utility Institution. (

Activity of Social Interest.
The recognition of activity of social interest (according to the Statute of Patronage), in September 2001. (

Moving to Castelo Branco in an exchange with the Sociedade Filarmónica Aurora Pedroguense, to participate in the VII meeting of Bandas de Pedrógão Pequeno, in June of 2001. (

Representation of Madeira.
They represented the Autonomous Region of Madeira on Madeira Day in London on May 2, 2010. (

CD recording.
The recording of the CD “Saudação a Santana” in August 2012.

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