Uniforms – Banda Municipal de Santana
The Banda Municipal de Santana is an exception at regional level, as far as uniforms are concerned, because it has several types of uniforms that are chosen according to the type of performance. This band is also notable for being the only philharmonic in RAM to use a cap. This prop is only used on special occasions for band, such as your birthday, band meetings or official / protocol ceremonies.
The pieces that are part of the uniforms of the Banda Municipal de Santana are:
Shirts: white short-sleeved and long, dark blue short-sleeved, light blue short-sleeved and long-sleeved, and yellow.
Official jacket: dark blue with band emblem and buttons.
Dark blue waterproof jacket.
Dark blue vest with badge, which can be worn with or without jacket depending on the season and type of performance.
Skirt / Pants: dark blue, gray and wine color. Women wear skirts or pants, depending on the season and type of performance.
Ties: dark blue, light blue, wine color, red, gray and green.
It also has a polo, for the ludic activities.
The choice of the uniforms is made in advance and according to the type of performance. If the camp where the band will play is in Honor of Nossa Senhora Santa Ana, for example, the tie they wear is light blue with a white shirt. If it is in honor of a Patron, the tie to wear is the color of wine. If the band plays outside the county it is often used the green tie – it represents the emblem of the county of Santana. The yellow shirt is used only on popular festivities day.
The official uniform consists of a dark blue coat with band emblem and gold buttons, dark blue vest, light blue long-sleeved shirt, red tie, dark blue skirt for women and dark blue trousers for men. It is the most used uniforms in concerts, band meetings, official / protocol ceremonials.

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