Headquarters – Banda Municipal do Funchal

Since its foundation, the Banda Municipal do Funchal has passed through different headquartes. In 1852 his house of rehearsal was located in the refectory of the extinct Convent of São Francisco, current Municipal Garden of Funchal. It is known that before 1859, the house of rehearsal was located in Calçada dos Moinhos; in 1879 on the Ponte Nova; and in February of 1892 the house of rehearsal was in Rua da Figueira Preta situation that was maintained in the year of 1896.
In May 1913, the Banda Municipal do Funchal had its headquarters at Rua da Conceição, in a cubicle without air or light, where they could only rehearse about two dozen elements, which corresponded to the number of performers of this banda at the time.
On September 21, 1924, the “Artists” inaugurated headquarters at Rua da Cadeia Velha, No. 14. These facilities were housed in a house that had good rehearsal and recreation rooms for the performers and associates of this band. But the great projection of this band quickly made this seat too small and to 25 of October of 1925 the seat happened to be in Rua João Tavira.
In 1929 they had the opportunity to rent the hotel in Quinta das Cruzes, and on July 7 of that year the “Artistas” moved to Quinta das Cruzes, a space that could be monetized. In its gardens a bandstand was installed and a recreation space was created for its members.
Due to financial problems, on August 10, 1933, they moved to a humble room at Largo da Igrejinha, number 52.
On March 27, 1934, the General Board of the District of Funchal ceded to the Banda Municipal do Funchal the building located at Rua 31 de Janeiro, where the Lancasteriana School was installed. For many years, this band has maintained a primary school in its present state, thus extending its educational action in academic instruction for the young.
The intention of remodeling and construction in the present headquarters, was projected in 1997, with endorsement of the Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, since this is the holder of the patrimony of the extinct General Board of the District of Funchal. Between 1998 and 2000 works of remodeling and recovery of the building that constituted the social headquarters of the Banda Municipal do Funchal, that is to say, the “Casa dos Artistas”.
Currently, Banda Municipal do Funchal has its own facilities to develop its musical practices, both at the level of rehearsals and music school, and to practice its administrative services. The current facilities include a multipurpose salon where the rehearsals are held, a secretariat, a management office, two study / training rooms, a file room, three storage rooms for instruments, a bar and a car park.

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