Heraldry – Banda Municipal do Funchal

For its emblem, the Banda Municipal do Funchal took the purple lyre of three chords (chelys), of golden supports, where the acronyms are inscribed, to the left, of the seminal denomination – “F. A.F “and current” B.M.F. “, and gold pedestal, which specifies the foundation years -” 1850 “- and consignment of the title of musical institution of the municipality and consequent reformulation of the denomination – 1925. The lyre, in medal of white background , rests on a shield with the colors of the city, in purple and golden gironado of eight pieces, surmounted by gold mural crown of five gold towers – that identifies city with city-seat, in this specific case the district capital – constituent of the municipal coat of arms. At the base, two inscriptions, in black; in the first line, the name “Banda Municipal do Funchal” and its common name – “Artistas Funchalenses”.

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