Relevant Moments – Banda Municipal do Funchal

Relevant moments

Filarmónica dos Artistas Funchalenses was founded on February 18, 19850, by a group of workers led by Manuel de Nóbrega. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 418, Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, pág. 2 e Xarabanda Revista, 2008, pág. 6)

Master Migueis.
In Praça Académica, the band performs beautiful pieces of music with perfect perfection, giving of this luck another proof of the great zeal and intelligence of its master mr. Migueis. (A Voz do Povo, 23/09/1862, pág. 2)

Master Anselmo Baptista Freitas Serrão Júnior.
In 1887, Anselmo Baptista Freitas Serrão Júnior assumed the position of regent of the Artistas Funchalenses Philharmonic (Revista Girão, 33 and 50HMM, page 20)

Master Cesar José Coelho.
There will be a party and camp in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Alegria in the parish of São Roque. In the church will play the Artístico Funchalense Philharmonic of which is regent mr. Nuno Graceliano Lino. (Diário de Notícias, 09/20/1888, page 1)

As we have been notifying for days, the excellent philharmonic Artistas Funchalenses and Recreio Artístico Funchalense, the first under the regency of mr. Manoel de Nascimento Cruz and the second under Mr. Guilherme H. Lino, will make you listen to the best pieces of your select repertoires. (Diário de Notícias, 04/04/1897, page 2)

Master Manoel do Nascimento Cruz.
Feast of the S. S. Sacramento in the parish church of Santa Luzia, there being a sermon to the Gospel by the Reverend Father António Jardim Netto, vicar of the same parish, and this feast was performed with great splendor. In the village the Artistas Funchalenses Philharmonic plays of which is able regent mr. Manoel do Nascimento Cruz. (Diário de Notícias, 09/02/1897, page 2)

Master Cesar Augusto do Nascimento Rodrigues.
I greatly appreciated this military march carried out yesterday by the Artistas Funchalenses Philharmonic, under the intelligent regency of mr. César Augusto do Nascimento Rodrigues, in the Rainha Square , near the carousel. (Diário de Notícias, 06/29/1902, page 2)

Master nominated Hermenegildo Lobo Ralho.
Philarmonica dos Artistas Funchalenses: Mr. César Augusto Rodrigues do Nascimento asked for the resignation of the regency of that philharmonic. We are told that you are nominated for regent mr. Hermenegildo Lobo Ralho. (Diário de Notícias, 10/28/1912, page 1)

Tour to Tenerife.
The Banda Municipal do Funchal “Artistas Funchalenses” realized in May of 1973 a tour to Tenerife (Canary Islands), where it touched the “Portuguesa”. The conductor of the band was César Rodrigues do Nascimento. (Diário de Notícias, 03/10/1913, page 1)

New Master.
Statement: The direction of the Philharmonic makes it public that he has appointed regent of the same mr. Manoel dos Passos Faria, having asked for the resignation of Mr. Cesar Augusto Rodrigues Nascimento. (Diário de Notícias, 01/23/1914, page 2)

Master Manoel do Nascimento Cruz.
“To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of this society, the oldest in Madeira, a glass of water will be held next Sunday in the Rua da Conceição, for members and other invited guests. the regency of the phylarmonica dos Artistas Funchalenses, Mr. Manoel do Nascimento Cruz, a distinguished artist very well known and appreciated in our musical environment and who once ruled that phylarmonica. (Diário de Notícias, 02/18/1915, page 2)

Premiere of Uniforms.
The phylarmonica “Artistas Funchalenses” will soon debut a new uniforms and instruments offered by its well-known protector. By inviting this community to the anniversaries of its foundation, we hope that it will continue to maintain the prestige it has acquired up to now, not only for the many years it has existed, but above all for its protection. Manuel Martins Júnior (Diário da Madeira, 02/19/1916, page 3)

Master Teixeira.
In his parish church, tomorrow will be done with all the effort, a trezena to the glorious Santo António, and there will be a sung mass. In the church will play the philharmonic “Artistas Funchalenses”, under the regency of mr. Teixeira. (Diário de Notícias, 06/09/1917)

Master Carlos Pinto.
The Artistas Funchalenses philharmonic, composed of 30 figures, which will brighten tomorrow the novena of Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso. On this occasion, the new regent sr. Carlos Pinto, who has just arrived from Lisbon. (Diário de Notícias, 07/28/1917, page 2)

New instruments.
For this band of music the steam “San Miguel” brought a box of instruments from Lisbon. (Diário de Notícias, 05/25/1919, page 1)

Master Teixeira.
Last Saturday, for being the birthday of Mr. Manuel Gomes, an intimate party was held at his house. Music was made of room, and the party was also brightened, by the Artistas Funchalenses Philharmonic, under the regency of mr. Teixeira. (Diário de Notícias, 04/26/1921, page 2)

New uniforms.
It is in execution in a tailor’s studio of this city, the new uniforms for the fifty performers of the banda dos Artistas Funchalenses. This ceremony will be premiered on the anniversary of that music society, which will be held on February 18, but whose solemnization is postponed until later. (Jornal da Madeira, 08/01/1924, page 2)

Master M. A. Figueiredo.
On the 14th of 1924, under the regency of mr. M. A. Figueiredo, there will also be in this recreational association, a concert by the Banda dos Artistas Funchalenses, whose program will be announced in due course. (Jornal da Madeira, 07/12/1924, page 3)

Master Gustavo Coelho.
In 1925, Captain Gustavo Coelho succeeds César Rodrigues do Nascimento in the regency of the Banda Municipal do Funchal “Artistas”. The Captain remained in this position until 1927. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, 27)

Name change.
On April 8, 1925, for the services rendered to the Funchal City Hall, the Artistas Funchalenses Philharmonic received the title of Banda Municipal do Funchal. (Xarabanda Magazine, 1997b, page 28 and Revista Girão page 25)

Medal “Deserved Praise”.
The Artistas Funchalenses were awarded the “Louvor Deserved” medal by the Portuguese Red Cross on July 11, 1927. (Xarabanda Magazine, 2008, page 16)

Tour to the Azores.
The Banda Municipal do Funchal moves to São Miguel-Azores and 1927, under the regency of Captain Gustavo Augusto Coelho. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b and HMM, page 58)

Orfeão dos Artistas
The Banda Municipal do Funchal in 1932 had a orfeão denominated of Orfeão dos Artistas. (Revista Girão pág. 93, Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 441 e 50HMM, pág. 53)

New headquarters.
Tomorrow, at 7:30 p.m. at night, at the headquarters of the Municipal Band, at Largo da Igrejinha, a meeting of members will be held, to which the Board will give notice of a decision of the CA of the district’s General Board, regarding the building of the Lencastriana School , in which the Municipal Band will install its headquarters. In this meeting a group of members of the Banda Municipal do Funchal presents a proposal, which should be discussed and appreciated by the assembly. (Diário de Notícias, 04/01/1934, page 3)

Orchestra-Jazz Artistas Funchalenses.
It was created on July 4, 1938 the Orchestra-Jazz Artistas Funchalenses, also known as Troupe-Jazz Artistas Funchalenses, belonged to the Banda Municipal do Funchal. It was ruled by Raul Abreu. (Revista Girão pág. 96 e Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 445)

Master Ismael Coelho.
The Banda Municipal do Funchal, gives his usual concert in the Jardim de S. Francisco, on the 31st, under the regency of his boss, mr. Ismael Coelho. (O Jornal, 27/01/1950, pág. 4)

1st Centenary.
This artistic grouping that this year celebrates its 1st centenary, passed yesterday a festive date, to mark in the annals of its long existence. Celebrated its silver wedding – 25 years – that due to its merits the Municipality of Funchal conferred to him the title of “Municipal Band”. Justo Award to his merits, and his disinterested services rendered to the city of Funchal. (O Jornal, 09/04/1950, pág. 3)

Degree of Knight of Order of Public Instruction.
By decree of the Government of the Republic, the President on January 22, 1951, grants the Banda dos Artistas Funchalenses the rank of Knight of Order of Public Instruction in the courts of the Government of the Republic (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, 28)

Master Fermiliano Martins Cândido.
This centenary musical collectivity, a concert in the Jardim da rainha D. Amélia, under the direction of its prestigious artistic regent, mr. Fermiliano Martins Cândido. (Diário de Notícias, 07/02/1954, page 3)

Master Francisco José Dias.
This oldest music collective from Madeira performed, his usual concert in the Jardim da Rainha D. Amélia, from 19 to 20 hours, under the regency of his distinguished artistic director, Alferes Francisco José Dias. (Diário de Notícias, 02/13/1960, page 4)

Master Sílvio Lindo Pleno.
Public Concert: this centenary musical group performs its usual concert in the Jardim da Rainha D. Amélia, from 19h30 to 20h30, under the regency of its distinguished artistic director, mr. Sergeant-helper Sílvio Lindo Pleno, worthy Interim Chief of the Military Band. (Diário de Notícias, 02/15/1962, page 2)

Master Santos Gonçalves.
This musical group is performing today at Jardim D. Amelia, a concert under the regency of its artistic director sr. 1st Sergeant Santos Gonçalves. (Diário de Notícias, 03/14/1965, pages 1 and 3)

Band Competition.
On September 29, 1968, he is 1st place in the II Great Civil Music Bands Contest in the island round. (

Master Ferreira da Silva.
The Banda municipal do Funchal, celebrates its 119th anniversary. The festivities begin today, Easter Sunday. Day 6, dance for members and their families; April 10, salvage of mortars, compliments to senior district officials, and recreational press and entertainment for members, performers, and family; April 12, Mass in the Colégio Church and Sunday, concert in the Auditorium of the Jardim municipal, on the regency of the teacher Ferreira da Silva. (Diário de Notícias, 06/04/1969, page 3)

Maestro Simões.
Banda Municipal do Funchal. On July 1st, which will take place in the “Auditorium” of Jardim Municipal, a concert of this band that will be directed by Maestro Simões. (Jornal da Madeira, 06/27/1971, page 2)

Master Armando Matos Ferreira.
Today, a public concert of the Banda Municipal do Funchal, in the Auditorium of the Jardim Municipal for 20 hours under the regency of 1st Sergeant Armando Matos Ferreira. (Diário de Notícias, 12/5/1974, page 3)

Master Fernando Lagoa.
It is held today, at 8 pm in the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden, a public concert carried out by the Banda Municipal do Funchal, is run on the regency of Fernando Lagoa. (Diário de Notícias, 06/19/1975, p.2)

Festival of Bands.
On November 24, 1975, he participated in the VI Festival of Amateur Bands of the Municipality of Loures. (

Admission of girls.
The Funchal Municipal Band “Artistas Funchalenses” admits for the first time in 1980 girls as elements of the band. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, page 28)

Offer of instrument.
BESCL was responsible for the acquisition of a new instrument for the Banda Municipal do Funchal. (Diário de Notícias, 01/14/1992 p.14)

Public utility.
The 6 of April of 1995 is declared Institution of Public Utility by the Regional Government of Madeira. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, page 28)

Tour to Loures.
In 1995, they participated in the 17th International Festival of the City of Loures, under the Artistic Direction of Maestro Maurílio Basílio. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997, 22)

First CD.
The Banda Municipal do Funchal publishes its first CD titled “Artistas” in 1997. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, pág. 28)

Protocol – Headquarters.
In 1997, the space concession protocol (now headquarters) was signed for the future construction of a new school headquarters. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, page 28)

Master José António Nunes de Faria.
José António Nunes de Faria, took over in 1998 the artistic direction of the Banda Municipal do Funchal, where they remain until his death. (Revista Girão, page 60)

Expo 98.
The Banda Municipal do Funchal participated in Expo 98 in representation of Madeira. (Xarabanda Revista, 1997b, page 28)

In 2000, he participated in EXPO2000, in Hanover, representing the Autonomous Region of Madeira. (

Festival of Bands.
In 2005, he participated in the 5th Festival of Bands of the Templars in the city of Tomar, representing the Autonomous Region of Madeira. (

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