Headquarters – Banda Municipal Paulense

Until 1983, the Banda Municipal Paulense, used to rehearse in a space given by Mr. João Maurício Batista Abreu dos Santos. Until 1983, the Banda Municipal Paulense had a space granted by Dr. João Mauricio Baptista Abreu dos Santos, a renowned physician, native of Paul do Mar, to practice his musical activity. Nevertheless, after the death of the maestro António Coito, the state of degradation of that space led to its pernicious abandonment, which resulted, moreover, in its vandalization and in the irremediable loss of much of the estate of the musical collectivity. After a period when it did not have a definite and definitive physical space, the Banda Municipal Paulense was served, between 1999 and 2007, of a hall located in the upper floor of the locker room of the soccer stadium of that town, transiting, after that date and until 2015 for a space in the parish hall of the church of that parish. Since 2015, the headquarters of the Banda Municipal Paulense has been located in the building of the first cycle school in Paul do Mar, with three rooms, one for rehearsals and two others for music lessons.

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