Relevant Moments – Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço da Camacha

Relevant Moments

August 10, 1973, the Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz, join the formation of another, this time in the parish of Camacha, Parish Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço. (Músicos Madeirenses pág. 467 e Revista Girão pág. 70)

Feminine elements.
For the first time in the history of Portuguese philharmonic bands, the presence of a female element was recorded, August 10, 1973. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, pág. 786)

Master José da Costa Miranda.
3rd Anniversary Of The Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço. A valid initiative in the cultural panorama of our people, the Parish Band of S. Lourenço is three years ago today, a patron’s feast that gave it its name. At 5 pm, a popular light music concert will be held under the direction of the current rehearser, maestro José da Costa Miranda. (Diário de Notícias 10/08/1975 pág. 8)

Silver wedding.
Integrated in the celebrations of its 25th Anniversary, the Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço holds a concert today, at 12:30 pm, in the hall of the new parish complex of the parish of Camacha. (Diário de Notícias 12/04/98 pág. 2)

Change of headquarters.
They moved to a parish church facility on August 10, 1998. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º Semestre, 2007)

Moved to the village of Fermentelos, in the municipality of Águeda and district of Aveiro, following the exchange promoted with the Cultural and Recreational Association “Banda Nova de Fermentelos”, August 2001. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, pág. 786)

They were invited to visit the parishes of Arrentela and Fernão Ferro, in the municipality of Seixal and district of Setúbal, in September 2001. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, pág. 786)

Inauguration of Headquarters.
It was on December 12, 2001 that the inauguration of the headquarters of this collective was given. The construction of which was financed through a protocol signed between the Municipality of Santa Cruz and the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, pág. 786 e

He traveled to Marrazes in the Continent in 2002, in a musical exchange with Banda de São Tiago de Marrazes. (

Statute of Religious Collectivity.
By decree of His Most Reverend Excellency D. Teodoro de Faria, Bishop of the Diocese of Funchal, the articles of association of this association were approved, March 19, 2002, which confirmed the existence of the religious person. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º Semestre, 2007)

Inauguration of the bust.
In the commemorations of the 32nd anniversary, a simple homage was paid to the founder of this Parish Band, with the inauguration of a Bust of this at the headquarters of the Band, by the sculptor António Rodrigues. (

He moved to the Azores, Vila Franca do Campo, on the island of São Miguel, in 2006, visiting the Banda União Progressista. (

Launching of the History of the Parish Band, entitled “33 Anos de Tons e de Sons”, edition sponsored by the said Municipal Council of Santa Cruz, on December 8, 2006. (

Moved to Vila Cova do Alva, Coimbra district, Arganil municipality, in 2007, an exchange with the Filarmónica Sociedade Flor do Alva. (

It stimulated a cultural exchange with the Sociedade Musical Euterpe, of Portalegre, in the year of 2008. (

Visited the Banda Academia de Santa Cecília, São Romão, county of Seia, district of Guarda, in the year 2010. (

CD release.
He edited his first CD titled “Compassos” in 2010, which was sponsored by Mr. Michael John Blandy of the Blandy Group, who secured exclusive sponsorship of the record work. (

DVD release.
He released his first DVD in 2012, titled “Som da Nossa História”, an audiovisual work sponsored entirely by two Camachian emigrants living in South Africa, José Egídio and Manuel Humberto of the Cardoso family, from the village of Camacha. (

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