Uniforms – Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço da Camacha
Old uniform.
The first uniform, or ‘old uniform’ is the author of its founder, and is inspired by a picture of Madeira costumes painted in 1941. The men wear classic white trousers, white shirt, short blue coat with live bordeaux. The women, white skirt, white blouse and short blue coat with lively bordeaux, white knee socks. For both genders, a dark blue ribbon with a knot next to the collar is used. In this uniform, the musicians use the golden palm, symbol of the victory of São Lourenço in their martyrdom, palm that was placed on the birthdays of the Band, when the performer entered for the first time in the philharmonic. This uniform is always worn with white gloves and black shoes. This uniform is worn on the band’s birthdays and other relevant cultural activities.

Current uniform.
The second uniform consists of classic dark blue trousers, bordeaux coat with collar and pocket and blue buttons, with the band’s chest emblem on the left side, white shirt and blue tie. In the case of women, instead of pants, they wear dark blue skirt and dark blue scarf with knot next to the collar. This uniform is always worn with black shoes. This uniform is used on other occasions which is not justified by the ‘old uniform’.

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