Headquarters – Banda Recreio Camponês

Banda Recreio Camponês had its first headquarters on the site of the Caminho Grande e Ribeira de Alforra, in Câmara de Lobos, in a house belonging to Francisco Gonçalves de Freitas, the father of the founder José Gonçalves de Freitas. This headquarters served the band’s activity from the foundation until February 18, 1927. Since that date, the band’s headquarters have been located on the Quinta do Leme site, in a place known as Lagar da Giesta, in José Santos house, where he remained for approximately 20 years. In the 50’s, the band changed its headquarters to a room, loaned on the building located at Estrada João Gonçalves Zarco, 311 to 321. In 1976, conversations were begun for the acquisition of a piece of land. On March 17, 1976, a letter was sent to the President of the General Board of the Autonomous District of Funchal for the purchase or free transfer of a plot of property belonging to that State institution adjacent to the building of the Adega, located on the site of Jesus, Maria e José in Câmara de Lobos. However, on May 18 of that year, it was that dismissed letter, since a study of musts and wines was taking place there. On December 20, 1978, the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Regional Government of R.A.M. sent the following letter to the Banda Recreio Camponês, informing its directors, executors and associates that: “It was resolved to instruct the Regional Secretariat of Economy of the Government to consider the possibility of installing the Banda Recreio Camponês de Câmara de lobos with decent facilities.” On June 5, 1980, a copy of the study-project prepared for the headquarters was sent, and on July 19, 1982, it was decided to assign, on a precarious basis, a plot of land of about 470m2 to the Banda Recreio Camponês. On August 14, 1984, Banda Recreio Camponês sent to the then President of the Regional Government of Madeira, Dr. Alberto João Jardim, a report on the process, in which he reported on the sale of the property where the band was established, and proposing the acquisition of the even though it is paid at the prompt payment by the Regional Government, and the return of the previously assigned land. On April 18, 1988, Banda Recreio Camponês received an official letter from the Office of the President of the Government confirming the transfer of the property, and from that date the band was authorized to use said property, urban and rural part. On November 29, 1989, the property transfer protocol was signed, and the deed was signed on November 13, 1991, the date on which the third and current headquarters of the Banda became the property of this collectivity. The band’s current headquarters, located on Rua João Gonçalves Zarco, nº 311 at 321, in Câmara de Lobos, has 3 floors. The configuration of the building is as follows: three classrooms, a file room and a meeting room on the first floor; theoretical classroom, storage room and annex on the ground floor; a rehearsal room, a social room, a bar that serves to support the activities and for the conviviality of its performers and associates, a collection, and a ballroom, with a collection; kitchen with pantry and annex, in the basement.

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