Relevant Moments – Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol

Relevant Moments

First News.
The Law, in its edition of July 29, 1882, said that a Philharmonic for the high-life ponta-solense and a band for the workers were being organized in the town of Ponta do Sol. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 498)

Director Agostinho Martins
The law, in its edition, of October 21, 1882, stated that the Filarmónica Ponta-solense, had already been constituted, taking the direction, like its professor, Agostinho Martins. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 498)

The Filarmónica Príncipe de Oldemburgo of Ponta do Sol was created, on December 1, 1882. (Xarabanda Revista, 2008, pág. 10)

Offer of Instruments.
On the occasion of a sea voyage, on October 2, 1884, on the steamship D. Luís I, by the ports of the western zone of the island, on landing at Ponta do Sol dock, Prince Nicolau Frederico Augusto d’Oldembourg, having been received by the local philharmonic. As he noticed that the instruments of the band were deteriorated, he asked that he indicate the number and quality of them, in order to request from Paris and offer them to the band. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 498)

Master Agostinho António Martins
In 1885, the press reported that the Prince of Oldemboug presented the Banda da Ponta do Sol, ruled by Agostinho António Martins, with 4 instruments of first order and all silver: a bugle, a saxophone, a baritone and a bombardino. In all these instruments the following is recorded: Le Prince Nicolar d’Oldemburg à la Banda Pontassolense. Souvenir of leur aimable acoueil. September 25, 1885. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 499)

Name change.
Change of name for the PFilarmónica Príncipe d’Odenburg as a way of thanking the instruments. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Artistic Director Francisco José [Luís] de Andrade.
The Artistic Director was mr. Francisco José [Luís] de Andrade in 1897 and left to exercise in 1909. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011) He left the direction of the philharmonic and will be hired in his replacement a new conductor-rehearser. (Diário de Notícias, 09/10/1913, page 2)

Master Francisco Maria Nobre
In the New Path will touch the phylarmonica of the locality under the regency of mr. Francisco Maria Nobre, his current rehearser and former musician of the regimental band. (Diário de Notícias 17/05/1902, pág. 1)

Master José Feliciano da Cruz
Mr. José Feliciano da Cruz, a skilled 1st class musician reformed, was commissioned to rehearse and govern the Philarmónica da Ponta do Sol (Diário de Notícias, 04/16/1911, page 2).

Master Artur Maria Lopes.
Artur Maria Lopes, was regent in the Filarmónica da Ponta do Sol in August of 1916. (Revista Girão, page 51)

Master Júlio Cardoso.
He took the regency of the recreio Filarmónica Recreio Pontasolense of the village of Ponta do Sol, Mr. Júlio Cardoso, 1st sergeant musician of infantry nº 27. (Diário de Notícias, 03/11/1919, page 1)

Name Change.
Between the end of the 20 principles of the 30 of the XX century, the philharmonic appears as Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol (Músicos Madeirenses, pag. 499)

Master Eduardo Passos.
The artistic director in 1929, was Mr. Eduardo Passos. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Master Alberto Bernardo Pereira
The band was ruled by mr. Alberto Bernardo Pereira, in June 1940. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

New statutes.
In February of 1944, the new statutes for this group were elaborated, passing the Filarmónica Pontassolense to be designated as Banda Municipal do Ponta do Sol. (Bandas Filarmónicas Portuguesas, João E. D. Franco, 2011, Ancorensis, pag. 783)

Master Francisco Fernandes da Silva.
Mr. Francisco Fernandes da Silva, accumulated in June 1947, the regency of the Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol with that of the Banda Municipal de Câmara de Lobos. In which he held the position until 1964 (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Extinction of the Band.
The Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol extinguished itself around 60 years of century XX. The old philharmonic of Ponta do Sol was extinguished this year, 1964. (Músicos Madeirenses, pag. 497 e 499)

Reactivation of the Band.
On August 12, 1984, during the first public presentation, those responsible for the creation of the current Banda Municipal da Ponta do Sol, assumed this project as new. The artistic direction was by mr. Leonel Cipriano Vieira. (Músicos Madeirenses, pag. 497)

June 1993, digression of Curacao Island and Aruba in Venezuela. (Rostos e Traços das Bandas Filarmónicas Madeirenses, Vítor Sardinha, 2001, pag. 27 e 28)

Master Duarte Costa Inácio.
Duarte Costa Inácio is the new artistic director of the Municipal Band assuming functions in January of 2000. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Festival Organization
Organization of the Philharmonic Music Festival of Ponta do Sol, since 2001.

Digression of the land of Abrantes, in 2002, more specifically the Rossio to the south of the Tejo. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Tour to Taveiro (Coimbra) in 2004. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

It leaves the Azorean Islands of São Miguel and Terceira, in 2006. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Maestro Élio Cristiano Gomes Jardim.
The new artistic director is mr. Élio Cristiano Gomes Jardim, taking office in April 2007. (Revista Girão, Vol. II nº6, 2º Semestre, 2011)

Go to Montemor-o-Novo in 2010. (

August 2012, exchange to Pragança. (

Trip to Obidos in August 2014. (

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