Relevant Moments – Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz

Relevant moments

Philharmonic movement in Santa Cruz – Bands predecessor to current.

Filarmónica União Santacruzense.
This band appeared in 1874 and was extinguished in 1888. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º semestre, 2007, p. 70 a 90)

Filarmónica União Fraternal ou Filarmónica Fraternal Recreativa ou Filarmónica União Fraternal Recreativa Santacruzense
This band appeared in 1881 and was extinguished in 1921. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º semestre, 2007, p. 70 a 90)

Sociedade Capricho Santacruzense ou Filarmónica Republicana
This band appeared in 1906 and was extinguished in 1918. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º semestre, 2007, p. 70 a 90)

Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz

Band Foundation
On December 8, 1922, a new Philharmonic, the Filarmónica União Santacruzense, was to be created. There are membership cards and photographic documents that leave no room for doubt as to the date of its foundation. The change of name to Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz between 1926 and 1968.

Offer of the Flag.
On the occasion of the commemorations of his 2nd anniversary, of the Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz, the Jornal da Madeira, in an article by his correspondent in Santa Cruz, stated that a protector of the Band João Joaquim de Gouveia, a worthy Treasurer of the Public Treasury, offered the band a beautiful flag measuring 2,10 mx1,80m. The center was white and blue facade, in the center a large lyre flanked by two clarinets, with an ivy and an olive branch to the left that comes to entwine in a ring. In the background the date of December 8, 1922. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 466)

Name of Municipal Band.
Between 1926 and 1928, the Filarmónica União Santacruzense, would assume the denomination of Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz. (Músicos Madeirenses, pág. 465 e Revista Girão, pág. 79)

In 1968, Mr. Ramiro Ângelo Álvares, returned to the regency of the Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz, where they remain until the moment of his death. (Revista Girão, page 82)

In 1969, Manuel de Freitas, died in Santa Cruz on February 12 of this year and was regent of the Filarmónica União Santacruzense. (Revista Girão, page 81)

Constitution of association.
By public deed, it is constituted as a legally recognized association, on January 18, 1987, and the respective constitution of association. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º semestre, 2007, p. 89)

The 8 of December of 1999, the band installed in the building of root for the purpose, in the complex Quinta do Revoredo. (Revista Girão, Vol. II, nº4, 1º semestre, 2007, p. 89)

Art director
Cristina Natália Freitas Nunes assumes the artistic direction of the Band. (Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz)

Artistic Director
In April 2015 maestro Marco Correia begins his duties. (Banda Municipal de Santa Cruz)

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