Relevant Moments – Banda Recreio Camponês

Relevant Moments

Banda Recreio Camponês was founded in Câmara de Lobos on December 1, 1910, with just over a dozen musicians. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Conductor and founder José Gonçalves de Freitas.
He was the founder and first conductor of this new band, having left the position the 30 of November of 1913, day in which it passed away. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93)

First Headquarters.
The first social headquarters of the band, was a dependency of the house belonging to the father of its founder Mr. Francisco Gonçalves de Freitas. It was located on the site of the Caminho Grande e Ribeira d’Alforra in Câmara de lobos, where they were about 10 years old. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93)

First popular festivities.
The first popular festivitiesvthat the band performed was January 1st, 1911 in the Estreito de Câmara de Lobos on the occasion of the celebrations in honor of the Senhor Jesus. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93 and Diário de Notícias, 12/29/1910, p. 1)

Conductor Guilherme Honorato Nuno [Lino].
Mr. Guilherme Honorato Lino was appointed regent of the phylarmonica “Recreio Camponez”, of the town of Câmara de Lobos. (Diário de Notícias, 12/17/1913, p. 1)

Conductor Luís Inácio Gonçalves.
In 1915 the conductor of the band was Mr. Luís Inácio Gonçalves. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93)

Conductor Artur Maria Lopes.
Mr. Artur Maria Lopes, headed the band between 1916 and 1920. (Revista Girão nº 4, 1º Semestre, 2007, p. 58 and Diário de Notícias, 10/6/1916, p. 2)

Conductor João de Ornelas Abreu.
In 1920, João de Ornelas de Abreu went from performing the band to conductor. He was a conductor, a teacher, a copyist, and he performed all the functions of president, secretary and treasurer. (Revista Girão nº 4, 1º Semestre, 2007, p. 59 and Diário de Notícias, 12/23/1919, p. 3)

On the occasion of its 14th anniversary (1924) the band inaugurated its banner and a new uniform. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94 and Jornal da Madeira, 12/6/1924, p. 2)

Second Headquarters.
The second headquarters was in the house of Mr. José dos Santos, on February 13, 1927, located in the Lagar das Giestas to the site of Quinta do Leme. (Girão Magazine nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93 and Revista Girão nº 4, 1st Semester, 2007, p. 58)

Request for Name Change.
In 1930 this collective rejected the title of Banda Paroquial de Câmara de Lobos attributed by council deliberation of 21 of March. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

New Instruments.
By the late 1930s, the band already had enough money for its conductor to move to Lisbon to buy new instruments. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93)

The first known statutes of the band were published in 1931. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Third Headquarters.
In December 1936, through a lease, they moved to the premises they now occupy, at the same site of Quinta do Leme but instead of Bela Vista. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 93)

Golden Wedding.
The Banda Recreio Camponês of Câmara de Lobos, will celebrate the “Golden Wedding” of its foundation. The friendly musical group Banda Recreio Camponês, from Câmara de Lobos, will celebrate next Saturday, with a vast program, the fifty years of its existence. It is an artistic association that has greatly dignified its land in the dissemination of music, brightening official and recreational ceremonies, deserving of all the best references. (Diário de Notícias, 12/01/1960, p. 3)

Teacher João Figueira Quintal.
In 1972 health and old age led João Ornelas de Abreu to pass the testimony of the regency to João Figueira Quintal, who remained in the position until December 2000. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

Admission of Girls.
In 1974 João Figueira Quintal, opened registrations for girls in the band, being the second group, after the camacha band. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

The first book was written in 1976 by Major Tito Abilio da Silva titled, 75 anos de Banda Recreio Camponês de Câmara de Lobos. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Legal Identity.
On November 24, 1976, by deed drawn up at the Notary Office of Câmara de Lobos we have, Banda Recreio Camponês – Cultural and Recreational Association of Câmara de Lobos County. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

Public utility.
The Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira on June 21, 1979 attributed the status of Public Utility Collectivity. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Band Competition.
1st Place obtained in a Band Competition of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and carried out in 1982 in Funchal. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

Festival of Bands.
1st place obtained in the Band Festival held in 1984 in Ribeira Brava. (Revista Girão nº 3, 2º Semestre, 1989, p. 94)

Allocation in 1988, by the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture of a distinction. (Revista Girão nº9, 2º Semestre, 1992, p. 442)

Meeting of Bands.
Participation in II Encontro de Bandas em Portalegre on June 11, 1989. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

On November 29, 1989, a protocol was signed with the Regional Government to finance the acquisition of its headquarters. (Revista Girão nº9, 2º Semestre, 1992, p. 442)

Festival of Bands.
In the Autonomous Region of the Azores in 1997, this band participated in the Festival de Bandas de Fenais da Luz. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Representation of R. A. Madeira.
In 1998 this group represented Madeira in Expo 98. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Conductor Nélio de Freitas Silva.
A new regent emerges in the year 2000, which remains to this day, Sergeant-Musician Nélio de Freitas Silva. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Participation in CD.
In 2006, this group participated in the CD The Best Philharmonic Bands of the Region, a collection where the best bands from each region were invited to participate. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

In 2007, she participated in the exchange with the Band Lira Nossa Senhora da Estrela. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

CD release.
In November 2008, on the occasion of its 98th anniversary, and being an old wish, the first CD of the name, Banda Recreio Camponês, was released. Since 1910, with songs performed by this group. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Book release.
The second book, A Memória de 100 Anos em Concerto Intemporal, written by António Castro and Silvina Serrão, was published. This book is a book where texts and images tell a 100-year history.

DVD release.
Also allusive to the centenary of Banda, a DVD of the performance was recorded in the concert commemorating the centenary of his name Banda Recreio Camponês 100 Anos. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Municipaly of Câmara de Lobos Council decided to award a Public Praise on the day of the Municipality to the Banda Recreio Camponês, as a testimony of its greater recognition for the example and cultural reference, throughout its 1000 years of existence. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

Interactive CD.
It was released in 2013, an interactive CD about the Madeirense Philharmonic Band, titled, Coleção Madeira Música – Bandas Filarmónicas. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

In 2016, Banda Recreio Camponês traveled to Spain to complete the exchange with the Banda Filarmónica de Olivenza. (Banda Recreio Camponês)

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