History – Banda Paroquial de São Lourenço da Camacha

Founded on August 10, 1973 by the Rev. Father António Joaquim Figueira Pestana Martinho as an integrated movement in the Parish of Camacha, Vila da Camacha, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in which female elements entered, a fact that was unique in the Madeira Autonomous Region and began its rehearsals in the old parish house. the current headquarters, located on the Caminho do Moinho, number  2, referred to as Vila da Camacha, inaugurated on December 12, 2001. In 2002, the Diocese of Funchal approved the statutes of the community, confirming the existence of a religious collective person with its own independent legal personality.

Its foundation was based on the school of music and the contribution of the deceased maestros Raúl Gomes Serrão and José da Costa Miranda, Teachers of all the naipes of instruments and of musical formation. Since then, several people have collaborated in its progression, such as Fernando Teixeira, Lino Fernandes, Ilídio Oliveira, José Manuel Teixeira, Paulo Pleno, Carlos Sousa and Heliodoro Ferreira, and the work and commitment of teachers in the functioning, dynamism and coordination of the music school. It has several performances by the Island of Madeira throughout the year, with the intention of promoting its good work and sharing good music, such as: Encontro Regional de Bandas Filarmónicas da Região Autónoma da Madeira, Festival Art’Camacha, Religious Festivity, Festivities seasonal (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, eg) Concerts, among others. During the 41 years he traveled to Porto Santo and Portugal: Fermentelos, Águeda – Associação Cultural e Recreativa Banda Nova de Fermentelos (2001); Arrentela and Fernão Ferro, Seixal (2001); Leiria – Banda de São Tiago de Marrazes (2002); São Miguel, Azores – Filarmónica União Progressista (2006); Arganil, Coimbra – Filarmónica Sociedade Flor do Alva (2007); Portalegre – Sociedade Musical Euterpe (2008); São Romão, Seia – Banda Académica de Santa Cecília (2010). In addition to his performances, he has recorded his evolution through the launching of his record “33 Anos de Tons e de Sons” (2006), fully financed by the Municipality of Santa Cruz, edition of the first CD entitled “ComPassos” (2010) ) supported in its entirety by the Blandy Group, in the person of Mr. Michael John Blandy and the launch of the first DVD entitled “Som da Nossa História” sponsored in its entirety by José Egídio de Nóbrega Vieira Cardoso and Manuel Humberto de Nóbrega Vieira Cardoso, natural of the said village of Camacha, migrants and residents in South Africa.

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