History – Banda Municipal de Câmara de Lobos

Founded on November 18, 1872, with the name of Filarmónica Recreio dos Lavradores, in 1936, by resolution of Câmara de Lobos City Council, it was renamed “Câmara Municipal de Câmara de Lobos”.
For over 144 years Câmara Municipal de Câmara de Lobos has built a history rich in events that enhance not only its name but also the name of the Municipality of Câmara de Lobos and the Autonomous Region of Madeira.
Of its history the exits to the City of Setúbal in 1960, to Venezuela in 1984, to the city of Amadora in 1988 to participate in the contest of local bands, to the city of Leiria in 1993 within the scope of an interchange with the Filarmónica de Chãs and returns in 1997 as an honored guest of the centennial of the same philharmonic, in 2001 he goes to Aveiro to perform several concerts and record his 3rd CD and in 2012 he moved to the town of Lorvão (district of Coimbra).

Throughout its long history the Banda Municipal de Câmara de Lobos registered its artistic quality in several supports where we highlight its 1st disc in format LP dated of 1985, later it recorded two CD’s at the invitation of a reputed Portuguese music store, participated still, in the recording of a CD titled “As melhores Bandas Filarmónicas da Madeira” and finally participated in the DVD “Bandas Filarmónicas” the last two works were edited by the Associação de Bandas Filarmónicas da R.A.M..
The Banda Municipal de Câmara de Lobos has maintained throughout its existence an intense musical activity at the Regional level, be it in the popular arraiais, or in the realization of several concerts in all the counties of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

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