Statutes – Banda Filarmónica de Santo António

Current statutes approved by the General Assembly in the year 2010

Chapter One – Denomination, nature, thirst and object.

Article 1
The Banda Filarmónica de Santo António is a cultural association of unlimited duration based in the municipality of Funchal.

Article 2
The association aims to promote the teaching and improvement of music; create and maintain in the scope of its specialty – the music – a service of interest graciously cultural and recreational between its associates and population.

Chapter Two – Associates

Article 3
The admission of members who may be natural or legal persons is the responsibility of management. By means of a proposal signed by three members.

Article 4
The admitted member will pay a monthly quota in the amounts and terms set in regulation and resolution of the General Assembly.

Article 5
There will be the category of honorary member exempt from the payment of quotas, constituted by those who, considered worthy of such distinction, be proclaimed in the General Assembly.

Article 6
Associates admitted on the date of constitution of the Association are designated by founding members.

Article 7
The members’ rights include:
a) Attend the headquarters and enjoy their facilities and take part in their cultural activities;
b) To elect and be elected to the social positions;
c) Take part in General Meetings;
d) To complain and appeal to the General Assembly of any resolution of the Board;
e) Examine the books and accounts of management;
f) To request his resignation, without prejudice to the satisfaction of his debts to the Association up to the date of the request.

Article 8
The duties of the members are:
a) Comply with the Statutes and Regulations, the resolutions of the General Meeting and determinations of the Board, without prejudice to the Complaints of these, in accordance with paragraph e) of article seventh.
b) To accept and to exercise the positions for which they have been elected, unless it is an attendant impediment and duly proven;
c) To pay punctually their pecuniary obligations, in particular the due quotas;
d) Take part in the General Meetings.

Article 9
The member may be suspended temporarily or excluded from the Association, by decision of the General Assembly and under a reasoned proposal from the Directorate, which shall carry out an investigation of the facts punishable by the notification of the offender, which shall be heard whenever possible.

Chapter Three – Of Association Organs

Article 10
The bodies of the Association are: The General Assembly, which will be presided over by a panel composed of a president and two secretaries. The Board consisting of five members, being a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and a vowel; and the Fiscal Council consisting of three members, one of whom is the President.

Article 11
The General Meeting shall be convened by means of a postal notice at least fifteen days in advance.
The call must contain the work order, the day, time and place of the meeting and should always be posted at the Association’s headquarters.

Article 12
The Association is obliged with the joint intervention of two members of the management, one being necessary the one of the President or the one of the Vice-President.

Article 13
The General Assembly will approve, upon proposal of the Direction, a regulation for integration and development of the statutory norms and internal functioning of the Association, applying in the omisso, the applicable legislation, namely the one disposed in the civil law on the associations.

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