Project Sheet

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Project designation | Project organization, Heritage recovery of Philharmonic Bands

Project code | M1420-05-2114-FEDER-000007

Main Objective | Recover and document the artistic heritage of the Philharmonic Bands

Intervention region | Autonomous Region of Madeira

Beneficiary | Associação de Bandas Filarmónicas da Região Autónoma da Madeira


Approval date | 21-11-2016

Start date | 14-02-2017

Date of the conclusion| 31-08-2018

Total eligible cost | 181,426.20 EUR

Financial support from the European Union | FEDER – 154.212.27 EUR



Creation of a museological nucleus that promotes the dissemination of the history of the Philharmonic Bands in Madeira with reference to the diverse collectivities that preserve the patrimony of the philharmonic ones especially the scores mainly the originals written by masters of the region and for the regional bands. Where it is possible to know which instruments are used by the philharmonic bands.



  • Promote and disseminate the Philharmonic Bands
  • Preserve instruments, sheet music and uniforms of philharmonic bands
  • Disseminate the artistic heritage of the region

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