Statutes – Banda Municipal Paulense

Current Statutes Approved by the General Assembly in the year 1999

Article 1
The “Banda Municipal Paulense” is a cultural and recreational association whose main purpose is the promotion of instrumental philharmonic music.

Article 2
This association has its headquarters to the site of the Church, of the parish of Paul do Mar, Calheta municipality, and is constituted for an indefinite period from the present date.

Article 3

a) The conditions of admission, removal and exclusion of associates shall be established in the internal regulations.
b) There may be honorary and merit associates, in addition to the actual members.
c) It is the obligation of the members to pay the annual membership fee, according to the terms of the general assembly.

Article 4
The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board are the corporate bodies of the General Assembly.

Article 5

a) The term of office of the managing bodies shall be three years, and their members shall be elected in December of the last year of each three-year period.
b) The managing bodies remain in exercise until the possession of those who must succeed them.

Article 6
The general assembly, the association’s sovereign body, is made up of all members in full enjoyment of their social rights, and its Bureau is composed of a president and two secretaries.

Article 7
The general assembly shall meet ordinarily once a year until the thirty-first of March for discussion and approval of the management accounts, and extraordinarily whenever the Chairman of the Board convenes it, on his own initiative or at the request of the Board.

Article 8

a) The general assembly shall only be operative and deliberate with the presence of an absolute majority of the members.
b) In the absence of that number, the assembly shall meet half an hour later with any number of members.
c) Minutes of each meeting of the general assembly shall be drawn up in the proper book and signed by the members of the respective bureau or by whom they may be substituted.

Article 9
The Board consists of five members: a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and a member.

Article 10
The supervisory board is made up of three members: one president and two members.

Article 11
The organization and operation of the statutory activities will be in the internal regulations to be approved by the general assembly.

Article 12
The omissions shall be resolved by the general assembly in accordance with the legislation in force.

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