“Instrument of pistons in brass tuned in Sib with the same same texture of the cornet. Conical body, wide bell and the large format of its predecessor, the horn of keys. The nozzle has a deep, almost funnel-shaped bowl and a sliding tube serves the tuning adjustment. The sonority is round and soft, although rough as the Bugle when this instrument is played in loud sound “Instruments composed of three cylinders and three pistons topped with mother-of-pearl plates. It has a removable nozzle.

Nozzle for mouthpiece
Couesnon Paris
Paris – France, post. 1931
Recording in to the bell: Couesnon Paris / Made in France
Owner: Banda Municipal do Funchal (Artistas Funchalenses)
Tuning: Si b
System: 3 pistons


Name:  Fliscorne
Band: Banda Municipal do Funchal
Date:  []
Category:  Brass Instruments

C = 50,5 cm
Ø1 = 1,0 cm
Ø2 = 14,7 cm

Materials:  metal
Photo Date / Scan:  19/05/2018
Conservation State:   Bad

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