“Divided into 3 or 4 pieces, it is in the first, the upper one, which is naturally the mouthpiece and the cork which, actuated by a screw that connects it to the hat by a slight rotation, regulates the need for tuning.
Of cane, wood, ivory or glass, rubber, white metal, silver and gold, the flute that reached seventeen keys, began to have none and is now eleven. The main improvements in the mechanics of this instrument are due to Quantz, Tromlitz, Grenzer, Schwedler and Bohm, who gave him more artistic possibilities.”
Wooden instrument in cylindrical form, consisting of four parts, 6 holes (without key) and 5 keys.

Edge aerof
[Haupt or Manuel Silva (?)]
Portugal (?), C. XIX century
Tuning: C
System: 5 keys


Name:  Flautim
Band: Banda Municipal do Funchal
Date:  []
Category:  Woodwind Instruments

C = 51,0 cm
Ø1 = 1,3 cm
Ø2 = 2,4 cm

Materials:  wood
Photo Date / Scan:  19/05/2018
Conservation State:   Bad

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