Instrument of the family of the saxhornes, traditionally designated in the band of Artists Funchalenses by “trumpet of Our Lady. It has a removable nozzle and 3 piston system.

Nozzle for mouthpiece
Custódio Cardoso Pereira & Cª
Portugal, Rua do Carmo 13 – Lisbon, post. 1861
Recording in to the bell: C C Pereira & Cª / R. Do Carmo, 13 / Lisboa
Owner: Banda Municipal do Funchal (Artistas Funchalenses)
Tuning: Mi b
System: 3 pistons


Name:  Sax-horn
Band: Banda Municipal do Funchal
Date:  []
Category:  Brass Instruments

C = 43,0 cm
Ø2 = 18,4 cm

Materials:  metal
Photo Date / Scan:  19/05/2018
Conservation State:   Bad

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