Madeira de Outros Tempos

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Madeira de Outros Tempos


A CD of the Funchal Municipal Band, recorded in December 2016 at Paulo Ferraz Studio and at the band’s own venue, composed of 13 musical tracks, which portrays this band’s musical repertoire. With the participation of about five dozen musicians under the guidance of Chief Aquilino Domingos da Silva.

01. Bate o Pé – Adpt. Aquilino Silva
02. Nem às Paredes Confesso – Arr. Aquilino Silva
03. Casamento Feliz – Arr. Aquilino Silva
04. Ilha da Madeira – Adpt. Aquilino Silva
05. Luanda – Arr. Aquilino Silva
06. Pomba Branca – Adpt. Aquilino Silva
07. A Mula da Cooperativa – Arr. Aquilino Silva
08. Bailinho da Madeira – Arr. Aquilino Silva
09. Noites da Madeira – Arr. Aquilino Silva
10. Fado da Adega – Arr. Aquilino Silva
11. Era o Vinho – Arr. Aquilino Silva
12. Quem Não Bebe – Arr. Aquilino Silva
13. Balatucada – Énio Jardim, Miguel Correia

10 in stock

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